Do more of whatever you wanna do

Ok, quick — gut check

Are you feelin’ it, or feeling around blindly?
Are you in the flow, or just going with it?

When you wake up in the morning, are you fucking stoked about your life? Cause you deserve to be.


'Awesome' means different things to different people. And different things over time.
If you can’t live it now, you can take the next step towards it. It’s worth it. You're worth it.

And while you're doing your things, we'll be over here doing ours. 
Cheering you on along the way.

Now get out there and get your awesome.


If WE had a mantra, it would be this:


Live a FUCK YEAH life.

If the answer to something isn't FUCK YEAH, say FUCK NO.
Too simple? No, it’s just enough simple.  

Be fucking nice.

Be a ray of thoughtful sunshine.
Someone's a jerk? Shine extra fucking bright, right in their eyeballs.


Don't worry about it.

You can worry, or you can do.
But the first isn't the same as the second, so choose wisely.


Words. Goods. Goods with words.

We make goods
inspired by stories

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We wanna hear from you.

Are you living awesomely, or is someone you know doing their own thing real, real well? Got a question, problem, request? Tell us.

There’s a real human behind all this.

Hello! I’m Karen King and all you see before you is my sweat, tears, swears, and honest-to-goodness hopes that you might feel this too.

Things we like around here


1. Plants


2. Plants